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Military Spouses

Spouses of our Reserve Component employees, as well as spouses of Fallen and Disabled returning Veterans at large, are also a focus area for our EG. 


Our EG provides ongoing consultations to Corporate AT&T Human Resources to ensure career programs are in place to accommodate spouses who move frequently with their Active Duty spouse.  Many Chapters maintain support programs for the spouses of deployed employees (most do not live on a base and do not receive normal spouse support from the military). 


Finally, our EG volunteers frequently participate in fundraising and support activities providing for spouses raising families after the loss of a military member (such as Gold Star Kids for College) and spouses caring for Medically Discharged or Disabled Veterans (such as Help Starts Here).


Check with your Chapter President or another Chapter Officer about your Chapter’s participation in these activities – or, take the lead to start a program in your Chapter.