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How We Help Those Who've Served or Are Serving Our Country!


As our mission statement indicates, our whole reason for being is to serve those who’ve served and continue to serve.  The key word is “serve,” and that comes in as many different ways as there are people in our EG.  Just some of the ways that we help Veterans includes:  VA Hospital Visits, Care Packages for Veterans, Veteran Employee Mentoring, Veteran and Active Duty Spouse Job Support, Veteran Scholarships, Veteran and Active Duty Family Member Recognition, Veteran Memorial Activity Participation…and the list goes on.

Employee Volunteerism


For those of us that served in uniform, we called these “additional duties,” although many were critical to the success of the unit.  It’s a little different with our EG, as there is no “Mandatory Volunteerism,” just women and men, many of them Veterans, many of them just Patriots, who spend time helping Veterans, Active Reservists, and Military Family Members. 


Volunteerism spans the spectrum – from leading a large scale fundraising event to taking your kids to clean up a Veteran Memorial. 



Partnerships are critical to the success of our EG. Our most active partner is AT&T! Our EG is a stand-alone 501(c) 3 type nonprofit organization.  We are supported by AT&T with both Executive endorsement and volunteer participation, as well as, funding based on our employee volunteer participation. 


We, also, actively partner with many organizations that share our devotion to Veterans.  These include Carry the Load, Gold Star Kids for College, the USO, the Veterans’ Administration, and many others.  We are not a fundraising organization, but rather a service organization, and we will “tag up” with any organization that shares our mission and ethical perspective.

Military/Veteran Support


Veteran support comes in many types and fashions.  Our EG is open to any activity that helps Veterans.  Just stopping to talk to a Veteran you know in the office place is “doing our mission.”  Helping fellow Veteran employees make the transition to a commercial company is important to us, too.  We support Veterans on an individual basis, such as taking the kids to visit Veterans at a VA hospital or cleaning a Veteran monument on a Saturday morning.  We help Veterans on a larger scale through our support of major events such as Carry the Load.  If your join our EG, you must have a passion for helping Veterans.  We encourage our members to act on that passion.

Military Spouse


Those that did serve in uniform know first-hand that “spouses serve too.”  From the stress of separation due to deployments to the long hours and frequent moves of an active duty career, we know that spouses are a critical component of active duty military success as well as the rehabilitation and reintegration of Veterans no longer in uniform.  AT&T has a number of spouse employment programs that we support as well as directly participating in Military Spouse support organizations.