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Our vision is to be the world's best corporate servant of veterans, their families, and our community.

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About AT&T Veterans


AT&T Veterans is an independent organization of AT&T employees and retirees dedicated to serving the veteran/military community. We value and appreciate the sacrifice our military men and women provide for our country each and every day allowing us all a better and safer place to live and grow.

Our Members


Our members represent the depth of patriotism in our country and the many sacrifices made in support of our freedoms. We pursue activities that support veteran/military causes. We are a tax-exempt, public charity.


We are current or retired AT&T employees who have served or serving, have military family, or patriots of the US military. If you are an AT&T employee and would like to become a member of our EG, please email our Director of Membership -  Will Widby (ww2311).

Career Advisory


At AT&T, we know that making the transition into a civilian job can be challenging, so we've created some new tools to optimize your job search experience.