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Employee Group (EG) Annual Conference


This year 2,500 employees gathered in Dallas, Texas for AT&T’s Annual Employee Group (EG) National Conference. It is a high energy celebration of an amazing year with dynamic keynotes and panel discussions led by our senior executives and our Diversity & Inclusion Organization. During this conference, AT&T takes time to honor RG chapters who make extraordinary community and company impacts with volunteer and giving programs at local and national levels. We were award four awards this year for our commitment to our community and the company.


Military Leadership Development 



This program assists in growing, developing, and evolving our members through mentoring, speaker-led webcasts, and specific courses.


All members have the opportunity to progress through our program. This is a grass roots program cultured and shaped by our Chief Marketing Officer. Each mentor/mentee relationship, webcast, or course has the ability to transform your skills and pivot you in the right direction.


AT&T Veterans and AT&T University cobranded an event in alignment with the 4th of July holiday to celebrate the independence and freedoms we continue to enjoy. Steve McGaw and Doug Beck’s discussion provided insights on Mr. Beck’s experience in transitioning from the military to an Apple Executive, balance of his corporate and reserve duties, and the importance of corporate advocacy of Veterans, employee reservists, and active duty family members.


In Febraury 2016, we held an event in Atlanta, Georgia with top senior leaders. The Senior Leaders discussed their transition from military to corporate life and their lessons learned, how they obtained their position today, and how as a company we can foster the military to corporate life transition.


Please look out for more information on any event and calendar invite through your corporate email account.